Why is food packaging a must to increase your delivery sales?

Takeaway packagings as part of the new norm

The pandemic has increased an unexpected demand for off-premise dining. Food boxes have become a new norm as people dine in less. Food packaging is no longer a want, but a NEED.

As a restaurant owner, it’s tough, and we know it.

You have to come up with methods to let customers remember you, or join many others who have closed down, touch wood, we hope that will not be the case for you.

As business philosopher Peter Drucker said Innovate or Die. 

Fast forward to today, even though dining restrictions have been lifted, many consumers have opted to stick to their pandemic routine habits including takeaways and delivery for foods. 

In other words, your packaging is your face. Your packaging is your brand. Your packaging is YOU. 

Paying attention to details such as your food packaging, will continue to improve takeaway and delivery sales.

Let’s look at some facts about Food Boxes. 

According to Technomic’s recent Delivery and Takeout Consumer Trend Report, 66% of consumers expect to continue using curbside pickup once dine-in service resumes, and 67% expect to continue using contactless delivery alternatives. While some technological developments, such as online ordering and kiosk ordering, have helped grow sales for some brands, quality food packaging is another aspect that can assist drive off-premise sales.

So what do you do?

While packaging isn’t a customer’s first priority when choosing to buy your foods, it still plays a significant role in ensuring their satisfaction. 

So how do I choose the right packaging? 

Choosing the correct packaging should be the no. 1 priority for operators who want to ensure that the food they’re selling arrives in good condition for optimum pleasure.

Factors such as safety, quality and sustainability of your food packaging can improve a customer’s satisfaction after receiving their orders. According to Technomic’s Delivery and Takeout report, 65% believe it is critical that the packaging maintains the temperature of the food or beverage, 47% believe it is critical that the packaging is sealed with a tamper-proof sticker, and 39% believe eco-friendly packaging is critical. 

Let’s explore on it:

1. Food Packaging Safety

Are you one of those restaurant owners who are cheap on your packaging? Using unreliable packaging can cause you more harm than good. Here are some examples of packaging that you should avoid:

-Food boxes that use wax.  

If you can scrape off the wax on your food packaging using your fingernails, avoid it. Not only it might change the taste of your food as the wax may seep into it, but is also harmful for your customer’s consumption.

-Staples, nails and toothpicks. 

These are potentially unsafe and could lead to injuries when accidently swallowed, especially prone to children. If these sharp objects are used to seal your food packaging, it would be confiscated or you may even get fined.

-Single-use Plastics.

 Single-use Plastics contribute to large amounts of waste that leads to pollution and environmental toxins. Straws, beverage bottles, bottle caps, Styrofoam cups, and plastic bags are the most common, unsustainable, and inappropriately disposed of single-use plastics. single-use plastics cause damage to Oceans and coastal areas as exemplified by the Great Pacific Garbage Patch which is an accumulation of plastic debris in the Pacific Ocean between Japan and Hawaii.

2. Food Packaging Quality

Did you know the quality of the food can increase the quality of the packaging? Take fried chicken for example, when used on a food packaging, you have to ensure the boxes have air ventilations to prevent the chicken from becoming wet and soggy. Another is the quality of coating, this applies especially for gravy or oily food. The correct coating and correct thickness plays an important factor. 

These are just some of the factors reported of what customers are looking out for, but other factors of a high quality food packaging include whether they are greaseproof, leakproof or even microwavable so customers don’t have to worry about ordering saucy foods or even heating them up again in the packaging when they dine in off-premise.

3. Food Packaging Sustainability

39% believe eco-friendly packaging is critical. Why do you think that is the case? Because your actions reflect you. That is why big brands like Starbucks and McDonalds pay so much attention to ensure their packaging is eco-friendly and certified, because it reflects your brand identity. Think about it, if your brand were a person, would he/she care for the environment? Or would they ignore it just to save a few cents. 

Foodabox is your food packaging expert that can help supply or even customize packaging to suit not only your needs but also the needs of your customers so you too can increase your delivery and take away sales. We ensure our products are safe, good quality and sustainable. 

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