What Makes A Paper Lunch Box Good?

Let’s not talk much, let’s talk about it! Are you a restaurateur looking for a supplier of paper lunch boxes for your deliveries or takeaway food? But you don’t know anything about it and don’t know how to choose? How to recognize a good lunch box from a bad one? On what criteria should you base your researches? What details should you pay attention to? A lot of unanswered questions, don’t you think? Relax, we will answer these questions together and help you to see things more clearly. In this way you will be equipped to make your choice in full knowledge of the facts.

First, analyze the food you are going to put in the boxes. Is it dry, oily, saucy, gravy? Hot or cold? Voluminous or not?  This first information will allow you to know which type of paper food box is suitable for your business.

Then, let’s have a look together on the criteria to be considered when choosing your lunch box. For this we will use the jargon often used by paper food box suppliers. If you don’t understand everything, we advise you to have a look on our article Food Packaging Suppliers: Tips to Understand Their Language.

If we had to describe the perfect paper lunch box, it would: be able to withstand pressure, be leak proof, have an easy locking system, have good ventilation and the little something extra: promote your brand with a nice design.

Able to withstand pressure

Let’s start with the first criterion. Your paper lunch box must be able to withstand pressure. It means that it must not tear if the food contained in it is heavy; but also be able to keep its shape if you stack several food boxes on top of each other.

Leak proof

Then, your box must be leak proof. What do we mean by that? Well, it’s very simple, your box just should not leak no matter what’s in it. Whether it is something dry, greasy, with sauce, nothing must come out of this box and under any circumstances (except to go into the mouths of your customers of course (-;)

Locking system

In addition, you don’t want to waste time trying to close your paper lunch boxes with a complicated and time-consuming locking system. You want something simple, quick and efficient. The ease of closing your boxes will therefore be a very specific aspect to take into account. As well as the ease of opening your boxes is important. You don’t want your customers to waste half of their lunch break trying to open the box that contains their meal. However, the locking system must be reliable so that they do not open during transport. An accident can happen very quickly….

Ventilation system

A ventilation system is also essential. If hot and moist food is kept closed without ventilation, it could damage the box but also often causes food to spoil due to moisture accumulating inside.To do this, your box must have a way to circulate the air to avoid this inconvenience. At Foodabox our boxes are equipped with the air ventilation feature to avoid such mishaps. The quality, taste and texture of the prepared food remains fresh and tasty.


Finally, the icing on the cake, the perfect box will reflect your brand image. You can customize your lunch boxes with your restaurant’s own design. This will allow your customers to promote your restaurant in a very simple way. And it will also allow you to create your brand image in the minds of consumers.

Compartment Box

Foodabox produces and supplies this type of paper lunch box to its customers. They are fully leak proof and equipped with a ventilation system as well as a tri-locking system. They are also food grade and eco friendly. To find out more, go to the lunch box tab.

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