The Complete Guide to Food Packaging Design.

Ready to launch the next best food product? Whether you’re a brand new company or looking for a package refresh, this article is the package design framework a food brand needs. This complete guide teaches you how to create a unique food packaging design that captures your customer’s interest.

In today’s market, competition is so fierce that even a company needs to stand out. The product that customers understand to have the best food branding will win over what is truly the “best product” on the market. From the food packaging logo and colours to the design friendly, everything counts.

1. Create A Brand Identity

One of the central principles of food packaging is creating packaging that closely aligns with the values of the business, or creating a package that bolsters your brand identity.

For example, high-end foods like expensive chocolates tend to be packaged in decorated boxes featuring images that exude luxury, whether the box’s containers have a satin veneer or are wrapped in fancy ribbons. This packaging is designed to convey to its target market (those who love luxury) that they too have the same values.

Pick any green product to see the way brand identity is conveyed to customers.

The packaging is usually made up of recycled materials and the graphics are minimalist in design reflecting the brand’s simplistic values.

Brand identity is about conveying your values to customers to connect to them in a way that makes them want to invest in your product, whether you are selling expensive candy, organic fruit juice or fried rice.

In developing a brand identity for your product, you should always aim to:

  • Analyze the company and your market.
  • Establish key goals.
  • Identify customers.
  • Create a personality for the product.

This process will require you to take inventory of your business and then develop reasonable goals and objectives that include finding your customer market.

However, after much of the grunt work is finished, you get to have fun and talk up your brand by creating its personality through creative marketing campaigns and strategies.

Ultimately, though, the packaging design’s purpose is to get customers to trust in your product and convert them into loyal customers of your brand.

2. Use Elements Of Architecture

The architecture of the packaging design should fall in line with the three simple principles:

  • Form
  • Function
  • Beauty

It’s important to remember that the package’s function is to protect the contents inside, keep its form in relation to the size and shape of the product, and the beauty in terms of how aesthetically pleasing it is to customers. When choosing a food packaging design, designers have to make sure that form, beauty, but above all, function are accomplished so as to not lose money if the product arrives at the store damaged.

3. Play With Patterns And Color

While keeping it simple is always good in terms of cost, don’t be afraid to use patterns and bright colors. Creating brand loyalty comes after customers become familiar with the brand.

One way to attract customers to your brand is to play around with color and various patterns.

Many people remember Walker’s Shortbread Cookies for both their packaging and design.

The package design’s color is red and patterned, similar to red and black plaid.

Example of the use of patterns in package design

This design is very much a divergence from the packaging of other brands, which might rely on solid colors to convey the same message. Because of this familiar design, the product is a staple in many households around the holidays.

4. Be creative to avoid production cost

Every company needs to keep track of its production costs or budgets to stay in business in today’s competitive market. And, if a company wants to develop packaging, it must first establish a budget, after which the company must create a package based on the budget.

Companies with limited resources must develop appealing packaging styles. Companies will require a unique packaging style for this. They come up with a packaging method that is not more costly than the products. So, to reduce production expense, be creative while designing a packing style.

How do businesses benefit from successful food packaging design?

According to the research, packaging affects 36% of buying decisions. As a result, food packaging is extremely important for food products. As a result, businesses follow food packaging guidelines to create a visually appealing wrapping style.

1. Appeal to your target customers

The food industry can target the correct audience with an effective package design. And, with the right design, businesses may interact directly with their target audience. This strategy helps businesses in increasing sales in the middle of a crowded market.

2. Protect the products

The primary benefit and goal of food packaging are to protect the content inside. Company must attract customers while protecting their foods. As a result, when it comes to packaging design, businesses follow guidelines.

Also, create a package that protects the food from all external damage. When the customer opens the package, they will find fresh food. This approach helps businesses in increasing customer trust in their brand or products.

3. Boost awareness of the products

Customers are drawn to packaging design because it attracts their attention, protects the products, and increases product recognition. When customers purchase products for the first time, they can recognize the packaging style. After utilizing the products and being satisfied with the materials, customers return to purchase the same products in the same package on their next visit. They also advised their family and friends to purchase the same products.

4. Stand out in the market

Your products are similar to those of your competitors, therefore how can your customers buy your products while identifying you from the competition? Your product’s wrapping style is the answer. Wrappers with a distinct design help businesses stand out in the market. Company can use these strategies to make it easier for their customers to recognize their products.

5. Branding

Creating a brand identity is vital for any company. To achieve success, businesses must increase brand recognition. Create a visual appeal while establishing a food package style. Packaging design helps the company to build its branding with a unique appeal.


Food packaging design is essential to achieving success in the food industry. That’s the reason, they need to research while creating a design for their food products. A company can establish an appealing packaging style for its products after conducting research and following the golden rule. Businesses may enhance sales while spreading brand recognition with the help of eye-catching packaging design.

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