Affordable restaurant promotion ideas to increase your sales

Custom Paper Packaging

The marketing sector is clearly the backbone of a business across any industry. A business can only start making sales and production if there is demand to the product in the market. Relatively, a demand for a product correlates to the factor that the product is known in the market. The push to increase the visibility of a brand solely relies on the marketing efforts. Most restaurant/cafe spend a good amount of money on promoting their business, however  you can still promote your business with a much affordable option. Here are some affordable restaurant promotion ideas you can easily use to promote without burning a hole in your pocket.

Custom packaging

Packaging and restaurant/cafe industry are closely affiliated in every way, businesses often invest a good amount of money on packaging. So why not use something as simple as your packaging as an affordable restaurant promotion idea for your business. Printing your brand name or your special deals and recommended items on the packaging will aid to your business promotion. The probability of people posting daily meals on social media this days are pretty high thus custom packaging indirectly promotes the business. In order to help you out, take a look at our article on How Select The Best Paper Food Packaging for my Restaurant

Advertising on napkins

This may seem like a very odd idea, but something as simple as that can be a game changer. Imagine having a promotional material right in front of your target audience every single day. This creates an opportunity more effective than regular traditional promotional brochures. The idea is to be able to have a customer hold onto the promotional material longer than they would to a traditional brochure. Resulting in a cheap way to build a strong and effective advertising tool for your business.

Align to customer values

The ability to align to customer values in the current situation can be a key to great branding. Restaurant/Cafe can opt to an Eco-friendly approach to attract customers based on their values. The trend followed by current generation is to be and seek for environmental friendly options. Switching up simple things such as plastic cutlery to wooden or moving from plastic food containers to paper food packaging will increase the ethical value. The business will create a ethical branding in the market and customers. Indirectly the prestige of the brand will increase as for the concern towards good values in the society.

Social media branding 

Social media is the easiest platform to reach out to your target market and present your product to the potential customer circle. Research and studies have shown that an average person spends about an hour a day scrolling through social media. Adding on, 54% of consumers are said to browse through social media before making a purchasing decision. Thus the use of social media is an absolutely an easy and effective mode of marketing to any business regardless of the size of the entity.


In conclusion, strong marketing initiatives will ensure the growth of the brand and the business. However, you do not have to spend thousands of ringgit on trying to be visible to your customers. Work towards identifying your target market and the niche, from there onward you can further on with planning of marketing strategies.

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