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Paper Lunch Boxes


Make your food packaging unique. Foodabox™ provides high-quality paper lunch boxes that are available in white or kraft paper that can be customized. The paper lunch boxes are not only designed to keep food warm and fresh, the PE coating enables our paper lunch boxes to contain any dish, even saucy and gravy food. Its ergonomic design and locking system makes food transportation easy and reliable.

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Try to picture yourself a pasta dish with lots of sauce and lots of melted cheese… Now try to picture yourself a plate full of fried rice or even a big summer salad…

All these dishes are saucy and gravy and at first you find it strange to put your food in simple paper boxes? Well, you should know that our paper boxes have been specially designed for this type of dish. Indeed, our lunchboxes are PE coated. This technology allows us to avoid all types of leakage and thus to transport your dishes in complete safety regardless of whether they are extremely saucy, oily or gravy.

Paper Lunch Box

Standard paper boxes lack ventilation that often causes food to spoil due to moisture accumulating inside. At Foodabox our boxes are equipped with the air ventilation feature to avoid such mishaps. The quality, taste and texture of the prepared food remains fresh and tasty.
Not only does out design offer ventilation but the lunch boxes have locking mechanisms in three different places, ensuring that they remain locked during transportation!

Compartment Lunch Box Food Packaging


Food Box Lunch Box

Paper lunch boxes sizes & design

Depending on the quantity and type of food you want to put in it, there are different types of food boxes: normal paper lunch boxes (S & M sizes), window paper lunch boxes (S & M sizes), compartment paper lunch boxes and burger boxes.

These boxes are available in different colours: white, kraft or any printed colours depending on the paper lunch boxes type.

And because we know how major your brand image is we can design the paper food boxes to your own identity.

Paper Lunch Box

Product Features

  • Leakproof and durable
  • Miscrowaveable
  • Adjustable air ventilation hole
  • Tri-locking system
  • Food Grade Paper
  • Customized printing / OEM available.


  • Stackable for easy storage
  • Already formed so fast and easy to serve into
  • Allows you to serve consistent portions
  • Easy and successful way to promote your brand
  • Can be used for hot and cold foods
  • Eco-friendly

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