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Paper Bowls

Our wide range of quality, yet affordable paper bowls ensure that you find the size which fits your needs. The PE coating prevents any leakage and allows the bowls to contain different types of dishes. Hence, they are suitable for virtually any meals, from soup through dry noodles to ice cream.

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Paper bowls are a perfect packaging option for a variety of food, ranging from noodles to soup and even ice-cream.Paper Bowls

Foodabox offers a wide range of sizes when it comes to our bowls to fit every need you may have. Paper bowls are available in sizes: 260cc, 390cc, 520cc and 850cc. These varying sizes can contain different portions and are perfect to present your food.

To go with these bowls we offer lids to fit with each sizes.

Our bowls are also coated with a special PE coating that is perfect for serving up saucy meals despite the bowls being made from paper. PE coating is a thin invisible layer that keeps liquid sauces and soups from soaking through, and keeps it within the package.It is a very good alternative to plastic because paper bowls have the same features but are much less polluting.

In the same way “A book is judged by its cover”, a product is judged by its packaging. That’s why we can design your bowls to your own identity and improve your brand image. So let your heart and creativity speak for themselves and create your bowl as you imagine it. If your restaurant doesn’t yet have a specific design, our team can help you to create yours.


Paper Bowls

Product Features

  • Leakproof and durable
  • Food Grade Paper
  • Soy Ink Printing
  • Safe: our Paper Bowls wall prevent scalding or freezing from happening
  • Customized printing / OEM available.


  • Stackable for easy storage
  • Eco-friendly

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