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Biodegradable Wooden Cutleries

Complete your paper food packaging with our biodegradable cutlery set that comes in a neatly packaged pouch, ideal for takeaway or delivery! Our heavy-duty cutlery consist of spoons, forks, and knives. Choose between wooden cutlery or corn cutlery with a variety of different sizes to suit all kinds of food. Foodabox™ is one of the manufacturers in Malaysia to receive the MyHijau mark certified by Green Tech Malaysia, so our products and disposable wooden cutlery is biodegradable and eco-friendly!

Plastic cutleries are an ecological disaster for our planet. More and more countries are beginning to ban their marketing and use. Indeed, they are difficult to recycle and often end up in landfills, polluting seas and oceans or even killing animals when they mistake these for food. At Foodabox we are convinced that you do not want to be part in this disaster. That is why we decided to create alternatives in wood and paper to all these harmful plastic objects

It is therefore time for you to get rid of your plastic cutlery and turn to a more ecological alternative.


Want to Improve Customer Take Away Experience with wooden cutleries?

Try to imagine yourself eating a big summer salad with plastic cutlery, it loses some of its charm, doesn’t it? Now imagine yourself with beautiful wooden cutlery in your hands pricking salad leaves with your fork and cutting tomatoes into smaller pieces with your knife. It makes a difference, doesn’t it?  If you had to choose between the two, trust us, the choice would be made very easily.

That’s why Foodabox offers totally eco-friendly wooden cutlery.

foodabox bio cutleries

Opt for our premium wooden cutleries for a naturally elegant touch of your restaurant or take away. Made out of birch wood, they are a lightweight, yet strong option. The wooden cutlery are ideal for both hot and cold dishes and designed for an easy and convenient use.

Once equipped with the food packaging that your business needs to thrive the final touch includes cutleries. They will be perfect for all dishes such as nasi lemak, noodles, soup and even steaks.

We offer wooden knife, wooden spoon and wooden fork all in kraft.

Paper Lunch Box

Product Features

  • High quality
  • Recyclable and compostable
  • Strong and durable
  • Customized printing / OEM available.


  • Suitable for hot and cold food
  • Eco-friendly

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