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Customized Food Packaging

To truly make your business flourish, Foodabox offers a range of customized packaging options. See below for various options to meet your needs or reach out to us with your ideas.


Want To Improve Customer Takeway Experience ?

Because different types of food deserve different types of packaging, Foodabox provides you customized food packaging.Customized packaging pillowcase box

Choose an appropriate and creative container to best it your business’ needs.

We can provide you food pails, snack pails, divided long boxes, pillow boxes, cake boxes and triangle cake boxes. All of them can be customized according to your wishes and designed with your brand images. Our customized food packaging are available in white, kraft or any printed colours.

Customized packaging Air Asia Burger Box

Made out of food grade paper, our foodpail offers a wonderful solution and is a great addition to your food packaging.

Customized packaging foodpail

Our customized pails are the perfect commodity for finger foods and even salads to eat on the go. This is the perfect accessorised asset to add to your business needs!

Our triangle cake box is a cute and wonderful option for your business and baked goods! The unique design comes with a handle so there is no need for carry-out bags!

With our customized food packaging you can really customize and adapt your food to the packaging and not the other way around like most of the time. Let your culinary creativity really speak for itself.

This is also true for the design of this customized food packaging. You can customize it as you wish. It doesn’t matter what the graph is (we promise we won’t judge you).

Customized packagingCustomized packaging

Customized Packaging Cake Box


  • Leak Proof and durable
  • High quality
  • Recyclable and compostable
  • Food Grade Paper
  • Sturdy and Strong
  • Safe: our Paper Plates prevent scalding from happening
  • Customized printing / OEM available.


  • Fully customizable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy and succesful way to promote your brand

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