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Coverless Packaging – Paper Trays

Coverless packaging is an excellent way to put your food in other than the traditional lunch boxes. Paper boat food trays are our most popular coverless packaging. Whether you manage a food truck, a food stall or you just wish to openly display your food creations, pick from the two available sizes of paper boat trays and try them out.

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TRAY COVERLESS PACKAGINGFoodabox offers paper boat trays that is ideal to display your food. These paper boat tray options can be used in food trucks, food stalls or at special events to let your food truly shine.

We provide several types of coverless food trays to meet all your needs.

First of all, we have boat trays that allow us to arrange the food inside. It can be used for many types of foods such as noodles, rice, sushi or nachos. But they are also perfect for tasty finger foods such as onion rings, chicken tenders or other fried food but also veggies.

The paper boat trays are available in sizes S and L in white or any printed colours. They can be customized for your brand with your design.

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Moreover, we offer super thick paper wrappers to wrap your tasty sandwiches and burgers.TRAY COVERLESS PACKAGING

The wrappers dimensions are 30 x 30cm. It is available in white or any printed colours.

The wrappers can also be customized with your own brand identity. With this kind of custom wrappers you will differentiate yourself from your competitors. Trust us your burgers will look different in our paper wrappers.

For an additional touch, purchase our printed coverless packaging and dress your food up with your own design.

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Product Features

  • Leakage proof and durable
  • Food Grade Paper
  • Super thick paper
  • Sturdy and Strong
  • Safe: our Boat Trays prevent scalding from happening
  • Food Grade Paper
  • Customized printing / OEM available.


  • Grease proof
  • Eco-friendly

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