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Partnership Plan Foodabox - Discount/ Instant Cashback


Partnership Plan Foodabox – Discount/ Instant Cashback

RM1,099.00 RM388.00


Partnership Plan

The partnership plan introduce by Foodabox is entirely develop to appreciate our loyal customers by giving them the best offers. Members will be the first to recieve any sort of promotional plans and activities besides the regular discounts on purchases and referral rewards. Why would you choose to become a partner ? Here let me explain to you.


Free RM388/yearly 
Status  Non-Partner Partner
Product Price Normal up to 20% discount
Voucher No Yes
Exclusive promo Seasonal Monthly
Free delivery Above RM1000 Above RM800
Referral reward No Yes

The partnership plan goes as low as RM388 per anum with exclusive offers and deals. The discount offered on your purchases go up to 20% from our selection of generic products. Partners will also receive a  free welcome voucher upon your sign up. Adding on, partners will enjoy free delivery with threshold as low as only RM 800.

Finally not missing out our instant cashback offer for partners. A total referral cashback of 5% from the buyer’s total purchase will be credited to your account and a 5% discount off the bill will be given to your referred buyer.


partnership planThus, what are you waiting for ? Get yourself sign up as our partner today and enjoy all the special offers planned for you.



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