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Disposable Paper Cup Lids | 1000- 2000pcs/ctn


Our reclosable lids are perfect to be used with both our double wall and single wall cups, and we also have cold cup lids for your needs.

MOQ – 1oz: (1 ctn) 8oz: (1 ctn) 12oz: (1 ctn) 12oz cold: (2 ctn) 16oz/cold: (2 ctn)


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Disposable Paper Cup Lids

The disposable paper cup lids are an ideal solution to reduce spillage as well as good for mobile usage and delivery.


Disposable paper cup lids

The reclosable lid is made to not only to avoid spillage but to also keep the beverage warmer for a longer period of time. The great thing about reclosable lids are that customers are able to carry around their drink without having to worry and can even be sealed away to drink later on. On the other hand, cold cup lids are amazing for keep your drink closed while sitting down for a quick meal or just enjoying your drink by the road.



Disposable paper cup lids

Ideal for Hot Beverage

If you are a café or restaurant serving hot beverages using double wall and single wall paper cups then the recloseable lids are the perfect match. They come in black and white as well as different sizes. Besides, all of the recloseable lids come in both black and white, making them suitable for all types of restaurants and occasion.


Ideal for cold beverages

The cold cup lid is the ideal choice for any cold drinks in order to keep it sealed while on the go. It is suitable to be used for any occasions to have a chilled but spill free drink. The lids come in various sizes to perfectly fit the cold cup thus avoid any form of spillage.

Disposable paper cup lids

High-Quality Control

Foodabox has many years of manufacturing experience. All the food packaging are produced in a clean and safe environment. In addition, the paper cups lids are certified food grade and sustainable. Should customers encounter any quality issues, we are always ready to assist.

foodabox factory clean room foodabox paper food packaging foodabox

Environmental-Friendly Paper Cups

We understand that environmental aspect has been part of the important elements for food packaging. Foodabox is one of the manufacturers in Malaysia to receive the MyHijau marked certified by Green Tech Malaysia. It is a highly prestigious marking to show the paper packaging are truly green and sustainable. As a result, all products have to go through strict testing and experimental processes.

Participation in Various Exhibitions

Foodabox has taken part in various food packaging exhibitions around the world. Our paper cup lids have always received popular and high demand from customers from many different countries.

foodabox bangkok exhibition foodabox Shanghai exhibition

Factory Price for Bulk Purchase

If you are looking to purchase our paper cups in large quantity, please contact our sales representative directly. We may offer you a competitive price. Similarly, you can also fill in the RFQ form on our website.

Additional information

Weight13 kg

1oz, 6oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz


White, Black, Clear


1oz = 100PCS X 20PKS / CTN
6oz = 50PCS X 20PKS / CTN
8oz = 20PCS X 25PKS / CTN
12oz = 50PCS X 20PKS / CTN
16oz = 50PCS X 20PKS / CTN


Reclosable (Hot), Cold cup, PP Lid


MOQ – 1oz: (1 ctn) 8oz: (1 ctn) 12oz: (1 ctn) 12oz cold: (2 ctn) 16oz/cold: (2 ctn)


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