Paper Food Packaging: Why It Should Replace Plastic

In the face of climate change and the ecological disaster that is happening before our eyes. We cannot remain powerless. Each of us must act at our own level. As citizens, we must act responsibly towards our consumption. And companies must move towards a sustainable way of operating. We are unfortunately no longer at the stage where we can afford the luxury of asking ourselves whether or not we should act. So now is the time for us to change our habits. Maybe starting by replacing your plastic packagings by paper food packaging.

First of all, start by questioning yourself and asking yourself this question:

As a restaurateur, what can I do?

First, remove the plastic from your restaurant. Plastic is the invention of the 20th century and the scourge of the 21st. Despite a waste management system, plastic is difficult to recycle. Real open-air waste dumps poison the soil. Gigantic islands of waste pollute the oceans considerably. The fauna and flora are considerably and more than ever in danger. Many species have disappeared or are becoming extinct. In short, it is a real disaster. We must absolutely limit our waste production and the first enemy to eliminate is plastic.

To do this, start by taking a look at your food packaging. Are they made of plastic? First mistake. But don’t worry, it’s a problem you can easily fix. Get rid of these plastic food packaging and replace them with paper food packaging.

The advantages of replacing your plastic packaging by paper food packaging:

Indeed, replacing your plastic food packaging by paper packaging has many advantages:

Your ecological impact

First of all, your ecological impact. Switching to a paper alternative will drastically reduce your negative impact on the environment. Indeed, paper food packaging is compostable and therefore completely recyclable. Unlike plastic food packaging, which never really disappears from the earth’s surface. In fact, it is estimated that for every 10 seconds, approximately 300,000kg of plastic and polystyrene food packaging are being disposed into the global environment. I am sure that you do not want to participate in increasing this number even more but that you want to decrease it. So get rid of these harmful food packaging and go green with the paper food packaging

Danger to consumers’ health

Secondly, plastic food packaging is harmful to your customers’ health. Indeed, plastic is composed of many chemicals that are harmful to humans. Even if the plastic of your food packaging is considered healthy, micro particles are still deposited in the food and therefore in your body. I’m sure you don’t want to poison your customers so go healthy with paper food packaging alternative.

Improve your customer experience

Finally, moving to paper food packaging will greatly improve the customer experience. Imagine a dish of Bolognese pasta in a simple transparent plastic box. Now picture it in a pretty paper packaging perfectly leakproof with your logo on it and with a design you have chosen. The choice is easy, isn’t it? Certainly, the price will be slightly higher. But nevertheless, the design makes a huge difference. Moreover, studies have shown one-third of consumer decision-making is based on packaging design. With a customised paper food packaging that reflects your brand image, your brand identity will only grow. And it’s also a great way to promote your restaurant by letting customers advertise simply by being in public with your paper packaging customized to your image.

Are you convinced to change the way you act and reduce your ecological impact? If so, contact a company specialized in the field to help you make this transition. This type of company will help you choose the type of paper food packaging that is right for the food you are selling. They will help you create your visual identity if you don’t have one yet and design your paper food packaging. In other words, you will be perfectly supported in choosing the option that will benefit your business and make it prosper.

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