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More than 50 years experience

Company was founded in 2005 in St. Louis, Missouri, as a manufacturer of electric motors and fans. Over the past 10-plus years, we have grown from a regional company into a global technology solutions powerhouse.

paper trays
Paper Trays for Chun’s Signature Korean Rice Sausage
Today, we’re gonna talk about our collaboration with Chun on paper trays. Chun derives from the Korean company “Chung Chun, Korea”. The specialty of this fast food restaurant is their signature Korean Rice Sausage. It is a delicious mix between modernity and the traditional “Kogo” (sausage on a stick coated and deep fried with batter,...
Murni discovery nasi tong customized paper bowl sleeves
Customized Paper Bowl Sleeves for Murni Discovery
Murni Discovery is a restaurant chain. They offer a very wide cuisine with multiple influences at low prices due to Malaysia’s multi-culturality. Murni Discovery was created in 1999. They have now 9 outlets and is considered to be the fastest growing mamak restaurant chain in the Klang valley. Company background Murni Discovery had the project...
santan packaging
Custom Packaging for Santan’s Hotmeal and Snack Box
After our collaboration with Airasia’s Burger Box, we had the chance to work with them once more. Airasia was building a restaurant chain, Santan’ where they serve their popular in-flight meals to customers. We worked in creating custom packaging for Santan.   Company background Named after Malaysia’s beloved ‘coconut milk’, SANTAN is a reflection of...
Custom Paper Packaging: A collaboration with Sushi King
Did you know about our collaboration with Sushi King for their custom-made paper packaging ?  When it comes to famous sushi places in Malaysia, the one place that pops up in fellow Malaysians’ mind would be Sushi King. As the new year arrives, they had taken the step to change their packaging into paper packaging...
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