3 Ways to Make Your Lunch Box Stand Out

Choosing a lunch box for your food is no easy task. Your packaging must above all have a practical aspect. Indeed, it must fulfil its main mission: to transport food safely. But in addition to that, your packaging has a marketing function. It is the ambassador of your brand on the outside. Your restaurant is represented through it and your customers. The time of the lunch break at the office, for example, your brand will be clearly displayed to your client’s colleagues.

In any case, the packaging will be there so much to ensure that it is the spokesperson for your brand. In short, this is a golden opportunity to anchor your image in the minds of consumers. But for that to happen, you have to make your packaging unforgettable, memorable, use colours and designs that people will easily remember. The ultimate goal of a customized packaging that reflects your restaurant’s image is to make it stand out from all the other lunch boxes your competitors can use.

Burger Box

1. Colors

First, let’s focus on the colours that are appropriate to use. As I said above, the important thing is to make your lunch box stand out. But it’s not that simple. We’re not going to have fun just making your lunch box as ugly as possible or with the most extravagant colors possible just for consumers to remember. It is necessary to link the aesthetic side and marketing subtly. 

The colours you use must be in line with your brand values. They must also be a reflection of your restaurant. It is important to hire a professional to make the artwork for your lunch box. Paper packaging suppliers will be able to use their own graphic designer to produce it.

Paper Lunch Box

2. Design 

Then let’s talk about the design of your lunch box. Just like the colours used, this is the first thing consumers will see from your lunch box. They will test its convenience and user-friendliness by eating in it. That’s why you need to design your lunch box with the customer experience in mind. It must be adapted to the food you are going to put in it. The dimensions must be carefully studied. For example, your lunch box must fit into the paper or plastic bag you use.

Always in relation to the practical aspect, you must make sure that your lunch box closes well. An efficient locking system is essential. It would be a shame to find your food on the ground instead of in your client’s stomach. 

Paper Lunch Box

3. Material

Let’s get to the point. Here’s another important element: the material used. As stated above, your lunch box must be perfectly adapted to the food you are going to put in it. From the first design step to the last, you have to think about that.

There are different types of lunch boxes, made of paper, plastic, foil, corn starch, etc. Choosing the type of material is the first thing to think about. Here we will look at the paper lunch boxes and the different types of paper you can use. Indeed, you can use paper without any particular coating or PE coated paper if your food is oily or with sauce to avoid any leakage. 

For the aesthetic side, you can opt for a clay coating on the outside of the box. You can ask for a matt or glossy finish according to your desires for example. 

The thickness of the paper is also important there are different thicknesses depending on the specificities of your food.

You can use simple white paper or choose a kraft paper according to your desires and the coherence that it can have with your artwork. 

In short, there are many possibilities in terms of paper type, thickness, coating,…

Paper Lunch Box

The design of your box as well as the colours used but also the material chosen are combined elements. For a successful lunch box, one cannot go without the other. These are not things to be taken lightly. Use this opportunity to advertise yourself easily and as well as possible. For this reason, especially do not hesitate to go and get advice from professionals in order to really put all the chances on your side to make your lunch box stand out

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