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Paper Lunch Box

When you started your research to find the right packaging for your restaurant, you quickly realized that there were a multitude of different packaging options. Different materials, different shapes, different designs, etc. Depending on your needs, the choice can be complicated. To help you see more clearly, first you can take a look at our article “How Select The Best Food Packaging for My Restaurant“. Before looking at the specific technical or visual characteristics of your packaging, you must first choose a material. As you may have already seen, the majority of food packaging is made of plastic, paper, aluminium or corn starch. Here, we will focus particularly on plastic container and paper packaging.  

Is paper packaging more expensive than plastic packaging? At first sight, we tend to think that paper packaging is more expensive than paper packaging. Yes, the shortcut between more ecological and therefore more expensive is very often made by us, lambdas consumers. But know that this is not necessarily true. It all depends on the type of packaging we are talking about. In the rest of this article we will compare 2 types of plastic packaging with a classic paper lunch box. This will allow us to analyse their prices as well as their strengths and weaknesses. The first plastic packaging in which we will be interested is the micro wave plastic container and the second is the Ta-ge plastic container.

Microwave plastic containerMicrowave Plastic Container

The microwave plastic container is a rigid plastic packaging. In its form it is similar to tupperware. As its name suggests, it is possible to put it in the microwave. It is presented in 2 parts. The first is the main container and the second is the lid. This type of packaging is totally leakproof and food grade. Its price is generally around RM0.40 per piece 


TAGE plastic container

TAGE Plastic ContainerThe TAGE plastic container is made of thinner plastic than the previous one. It is presented in a single block with 2 symmetrical parts. That is to say, the part containing the food is the same as the lid. It also has all the characteristics of a food packaging. That is to say, it is completely l eakproof and foodgrade. As for it, its price is RM0.15 per piece.



Paper Lunch Boxes

Finally, let us talk about paper lunch boxes. As its name suggests, this type of packaging is made of paper, but not just any type of paper. The latter is PE coated which makes it totally leakprook and grease proof. These lunch boxes are also totally food grade. Their price is about RM0.26 per piece. 

The choice is yours

Now that we have briefly seen these 3 types of packaging, what makes them different? Mainly their price will you tell me? Indeed, price is an element of decision that cannot be neglected during the purchasing process. But do you have to rely on that alone? The quality of the product is obviously an issue. You may want to choose the cheapest packaging but does the ta-ge plastic container really reflect your brand? Is the quality of this packaging in line with the quality of your products? 

Tray Open PackagingEach of the packaging presented obviously has its strengths and weaknesses. But to know which one you match, you have to ask yourself what are the values of your brand that you want to present through this packaging.

On plastic packaging, it is impossible to print on it. You want your brand to stand out from the crowd but you can’t with this type of packaging. Indeed, printing is only possible on paper packaging. This is one of the main qualities of paper packaging that differentiates it from simple plastic food packaging. They will certainly be a little more expensive than ta-ge packaging but you can offer yourself a customised paper packaging for only RM0.40 per pieces.  This is the price of transparent micro wave plastic packaging. You can therefore offer yourself for the same amount of money a simple transparent packaging or a customised paper packaging. The latter will reveal ecological values from your restaurant but also offer you cheap and devilishly effective advertising. It all depends on the choices you want to make for your business….

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