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Sample Package
Sample Package

Beard Brothers

Established since 2013, Beard brothers BBQ has become one of the most popular spots for it’s Texas Styled Barbeque. To create a positive brand image for their food, they needed to pair it with high quality packaging- Our packaging become their sidekick for more than 3 years now till date, we consistently provide their paper bowls, cutleries and other packaging.  

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Custom food packaging

CHUNZ Malaysia

Chunz wanted a type of tray that can be used as a regular tray by it’s own and also be used as a box when stacked the opposite way on one another. With this data,we provided them a tailor-made prototype as a solution to test the prototype tray in real conditions. Once the prototype was validated, we were able to provide them with 30,000 fully customized trays.


Air Asia burger box

To package this new burger, AirAsia was looking for something in line with their values- something that inspires people, bold but at a low cost. In view of Air Asia’s pricing requirements we could not offer them the conventional clamshell burger box. We then came up with the idea of producing only die-cut burger boxes, not only is the total cost of production reduced, but it also saves space in terms of storage.

Air Asia burger box
Improve branding
Sushi King Logo

Sushi King’s packaging

Sushi King wanted a new identity in their packaging. Due to increase in takeaway packaging usage during the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a huge demand to promote their brand as well as continue encouraging their customers to become members. We provided a one stop solution as a packaging supplier for their food boxes, cutleries, and other packaging and at the same time, allowed for a medium to promote their brand.

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Free sample cup
Free sample cup

Lunch box

Lunch box sample
Lunch box sample


Bowl sample
Bowl sample

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