Food Photography Tricks That Make People Drool

Are you having difficulties with your product aesthetics on social media? Worry not. There is no need for an expensive camera, just your mobile phone camera will do. Here are some food photography tricks proven to make people hungry!

A survey conducted in 2018 found that 83% of smartphone users were extremely influenced by products’ images and photos.

Field Agent, 2018

Get the right lighting

The right lighting is totally crucial when taking good food photos because it brings out your food’s good side. Make sure you use natural lighting instead of artificial to avoid creating orange-yellowish overcast on your photos. If you are shooting indoors, use natural light coming from the windows. While shooting outside will risk them to be overly exposed. Instead, find a shaded spot or use an umbrella over the food. Remember, good lighting can promise balance of the colors and emphasize the features of your food.

Anticipate the photo composition

When talking about photo composition, it includes the angle, background, focus and the color of your subject. There is no wrong way of arranging the subject but choosing the right angle depends on the part of the food you’re trying to emphasize. For example, flat-lay style works for flat food elements like a bowl of rice or pizza, while a 45-degree style is best to show off food with height. 

Decorate the set

To avoid your food photos from looking stale, we suggest you could place some background dishes, utensils or other small decorations around the main subject. Probably the main ingredients of your dish like the herbs or condiments required in it. You would want them to compliment each other. Remember not to overload them or else it will become too distracting. Some human elements can be used to add realism in these shots.

Edit them!

Of course, we cannot forget to edit the raw photos because it will surely look a bit dull for others. You would want interesting photos with the help of editing apps available like Lightroom or VSCO Cam. These apps are user-friendly and provide preset filters that make things easier for users. Make sure you tweak a bit on the exposure, contrast, saturation and brightness of the photos.

Get your phone ready…

With some training, you’ll be able to refine your style and compositional abilities and be publishing professional-quality photos for your food brand soon😎📸 Photography is important whether it’s on menu, social media or food packaging.

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