Egg Tart Paper Packaging Box for Nandos

We had the chance to collaborate with Nandos making egg tart paper packaging box for their new product, Naughty Natas Egg Tarts that were set to be released in February this year.

Nando’s is a South African restaurant chain that specializes in Portuguese food, such as peri-peri style chicken dishes. Founded in Johannesburg in 1987, Nando’s operates over 1,000 outlets in 35 countries. 

Company Background

Nando’s has been established in Malaysia since 1998. As of February 2019, there were 76 restaurants operating throughout the country. The vast majority of the locations are centred around greater Kuala Lumpur.


Nandos was on a search to find a custom paper packaging to contain their tarts for takeaway purposes. However, the search wasn’t easy as there are few suppliers in Malaysia that can provide custom packaging design services. They wanted the tart box to be something user-friendly and cost-saving. Hence it was up to FOODABOX to propose a suitable structure design for their packaging. Check out how to select the best paper packaging for your restaurant for more answers.

How did FOODABOX provide the solution?

It was hard to source the right type of packaging as there wasn’t any standard size or template for the tart box. Hence, we proposed to them a few options of the tart box structure. Besides that, we also proposed to use a self-forming structure that only required a die-cut process. This type of structure saves space as the packaging lies flat on top of each other. It also saves costs as it does not require the expensive use of glueing or forming. The downside, however, is that they have to form the packaging by themselves.

We applied a PE-coated layer for the tart packaging as the tarts are oily. Paper packaging alone would not be sufficient to withstand the oiliness nature of egg tarts.

What did FOODABOX modify to meet client’s satisfaction?

We let Nandos take a look at the first mock-up and receive their opinions regarding improvements for the paper packaging. Nandos commented that the handle of the packaging is flimsy and not stable enough to support the tarts. In line with their reply, we worked around the surface area of the side of the handle wider which greatly improves its stability.

There were changes with the amount of colors as well in order to cut down extra costs. Nandos changed the design to mono-color as opposed to their original colorful design.


One of the main challenges is fighting through the tight schedule for the production of packaging. We managed to finish the production in under two weeks with the packed timeline. This includes paper sourcing, printing and die-cutting.

Aside from that, the scarcity of reference material for the tart box structure was a factor as well. We did not have materials or structures to refer to, hence the time used to test the structures got increased. Our team had to come out with multiple designs in order to know which one would be the most suitable packaging for Nandos’s tarts.

And today…

Now, Nandos is using the packaging for takeaway tarts. Overall, they were very satisfied with our packaging solution and have an interest to continue collaborating with FOODABOX for future projects.


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