Customized Paper Bowl Sleeves for Murni Discovery

Murni Discovery is a restaurant chain. They offer a very wide cuisine with multiple influences at low prices due to Malaysia’s multiculturality. Murni Discovery was created in 1999. They have now 9 outlets and is considered to be the fastest-growing Mamak restaurant chain in the Klang Valley.

Company background

Murni Discovery had the project to release a new range of Nasi Tong in different flavours at the beginning of this September (2019). For this project, they were looking for customized packaging with a different design for each type of Nasi Tong they were planning to launch.


So Murni Discovery came to our offices in August to explain their packaging project: paper bowls with a different design for each type of Nasi Tong. However, our minimum order quantity for a printed paper bowl is 50,000 pieces. The project being new they didn’t know exactly how many bowls they would need for each type of Nasi tong. Moreover, storing 50,000 paper bowls per design was not an easy task for them either.

Custom Paper Packaging

How did Foodabox provide the solution?

We met with our teams and production engineers and studied several solutions to reduce the minimum order quantity and at the same time the total cost for Murni Discovery.

We then came back with a solution: offer them customized paper bowls sleeves instead of bowls. Indeed, the moq of the printed sleeves is 10,000 pieces so 40,000 less than the bowls. The reduction in the moq, therefore, met Murni Discovery’s expectations.

Moreover, the production cost is lower than with bowls. This allows our customers to save on the cost of packaging, which is not negligible.

While working on the customized paper bowl sleeves, we also enhanced the design that Murni Discovery provided us by making it a little more attractive and appealing thanks to our designer.

Finally, the customized paper bowl sleeves take up much less space than bowls and are therefore much easier to store.

To sum up, this proposal has allowed our customers to have a very flexible packaging with a very low moq compared to their desire for customization. But also to save money and space.

Paper Bowls

What did Foodabox modify to meet the client’s satisfaction?

After validating our idea with Murni Discovery, we provided them with a prototype to test it in real conditions. After that, they came back with a remark. Indeed, the paper bowl sleeves were a little bit too loose compared to the paper bowls dimensions. We then readjusted the dimensions to make them perfectly suitable for bowls. We glued the sides back together firmly so that the customized paper bowl sleeves would not fall off the bowls. This also facilitates slug the sleeves into the.


What were the challenges for Foodabox?

One of the main challenges for Foodabox has been to adapt to our customer’s requirements in terms of delivery time. Murni’s teams came to our offices to discuss the project in early August and wanted to launch their new concept in the first week of September. So we had to propose an idea, solve their problem, create the design, improve our prototype and finish production in less than a month. To do this we had to modify our production schedule and the teams worked 24 hours a day to be on time.

And today…

Today, Murni Discovery still use our paper bowl sleeves for their Nasi Tong and are very satisfied with them. The solution we provided them is perfectly suited to them.


This project allowed Murni Discovery to have a better presence and exposure to its brand. If they had to print on the paper bowls, the cost would have been 10 to 15% higher. They were then able to benefit from a moq as well as a lower cost for different design series.

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