Customized Cake Box for San Da Gen Kopitiam

San Da Gen Kopitiam are a pastry shop located in Borneo. They make all kinds of delicious cakes, pies, doughnuts, puff, etc. They are well known in their region and their reputation is well established.

Company background

San Da Gen Kopitiam came to Foodabox because they were looking for food packaging to pack their pastries for takeaway. However, not just any type of packaging. They were looking for a customized cake box with partition with a customized design that truly reflects their brand.


Being located in Borneo, San Da Gen Kopitiam teams had difficulty finding a local food packaging supplier. In addition, their requirements were quite specific, and they wanted 100% customized packaging while the minimum order quantity was quite low (about 5000 pieces). No supplier wanted to respond to their request with a reasonable price, but on top of that, the transport of the goods was too complicated for them to manage to Borneo. The diversity of offers to meet their needs was therefore very limited or even almost non-existent, which was their main problem.

Cake Box

How did Foodabox provide the solution?

Foodabox helped San Da Gen Kopitiam by offering them tailor-made and economical packaging. But also the service that went with it, including delivery to Borneo, which was one of the difficulties to overcome.

After many discussions with the San Da Gen teams, we therefore proposed a customized cake box that met their expectations. We were able to offer them a design with a relatively low moq for a completely customized product.

To this end, we have worked with our production teams to optimize the use of paper as much as possible in order to reduce paper waste and therefore the total cost. We then came up with the solution of using the paper left on the sheet used to cut out the box pattern as a separation to make the partitions of the box. Thus, no need to add an additional cost for the partitions and less waste produced!

Thanks to our designer, we also offered them a unique retro design in accordance with their brand, which they wanted for their customized cake box.

Cake Box

What did Foodabox modify to meet the client’s satisfaction?

We provided a printed prototype to the San Da Gen team for them to test the packaging in real conditions before placing the bulk order. Following this, we had several back-and-forths of the prototype. Thus, in order to modify some details to make it as close as possible to the requirements of San Da Gen Kopitiam. We have therefore increased the thickness, slightly modified the dimensions. But, above all, improving the overall structure by adding a ventilation system to the customized cake box. Indeed, in order to maintain the crispness of some pastries, they must be ventilated in the box. By adding these few holes for ventilation, the pastries retain all their flavour.


What were the challenges for Foodabox?

The main challenge for Foodabox was the management of the production cost. San Da Gen Kopitiam gave us the price at which they wanted to have the customized cake box and we managed to fit into this budget. It was therefore necessary to adapt the materials used.  We had to use a fairly thick paper but not too thick to reduce the price. We also had to optimize the raw material used, etc.

And today…

Today, San Da Gen still use our customized cake box for their pastries and are very satisfied with it. Thanks to the different prototyping and discussions we had upstream, the cake box is fully functional in real conditions which they really appreciate.


Thanks to our collaboration, San Da Gen Kopitiam were able to have a 100% customized cake box. And this with a low minimum order quantity and at a low cost. But also the service, including transport to Borneo, proved challenging for other suppliers.

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