Custom packaging for Sushika’s Celebration box & chopstick pouch

We have worked with Sushika to create custom packaging for their celebration box and chopstick pouch.

Sushika serves Halal sushi to Malay audience in Malaysia using online ordering services. Their sushi is popular among Malay community in Malaysia because the flavor of their sushi suits their taste buds. Sushika’s sushi is also affordable and convenient to order.

Company Background

A Malay Couple created this company together. They expanded their business with the idea to create sushi that suits their Malay target audience. They started off by using online platform for customers to order their sushi, as it does not require for huge amount of start-up cash.


Sushika wanted to have a upgraded version of their original celebration box custom packaging and a paper packaging for chopsticks. The main reason why they came for FOODABOX was because their previous supplier couldn’t provide PE-coated paper for their previous packaging. As a result, Sushika had to spend extra on another layer of protection at the bottom of the box to place sushi. Moreover, FOODABOX custom packaging pricing was cheaper by 30 percent compared to their previous supplier’s pricing. Check out How to Cut Down Food Packaging Costs for Restaurants.

Another reason that they came for FOODABOX was because of previous collaboration with our company, which was successful. They liked our service and our custom design service earned extra brownie points.

How did FOODABOX come out with solution?

For the celebration box, Sushika handed us their previous structure and requested us to use the same structure for it. As the original structure requires only hand-forming, this reduce the cost needed for gluing and forming as well. They also requested to have custom design for the celebration box, as they wanted to try out new design.

We were able to provide them PE-coated paper to be used for their celebration box at a low price. This ensures that expenditure on another layer of paper can be avoided. The paper will not be contaminated or get soften as well due to possible leakage of sauce from sushi. Aside from redesign of their celebration box, chopstick pouch was something they did not have before. Sushika wanted to have a packaging for chopsticks to make sure it’s hygienic. After listening to their request, we proposed to them that we can use our cutlery pouch structure design and modify the size accordingly to the chopsticks.


One of the biggest challenge would be rushing out the products within short time frame as per Sushika’s request. In the end, we managed to shorten the normal processing time from six weeks to a month.

Another challenge involves the PVC paper. PVC paper is used to act as the window of the celebration box as it enables customers to see the products in the box. It is actually a thin layer of plastic that is applied evenly on the surface of paper to prevent liquid leakage. Most food packaging that has direct contact with food have this layer. However, glue is not enough to stick both layers together. The normal approach we take would be using machine to heat the desired surfaces together to melt the plastic and make both surfaces stick together. But this time, PVC paper is a tricky paper to work around. Melting PVC paper and PE-coated paper together could be disastrous if not careful.. In the end, we took another approach to use double-sided tape and stick both materials together. The result came out to be pretty sturdy.

And today…

Now, Sushika is using our paper packaging for their products. Sushika’s celebration box is finally leak-proof with the addition of PE-coating, and on top of that at a low cost.  They are happy and satisfied with our packaging.

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