Paper Trays for Chun’s Signature Korean Rice Sausage

Today, we’re gonna talk about our collaboration with Chun on paper trays. Chun derives from the Korean company “Chung Chun, Korea”. The specialty of this fast food restaurant is their signature Korean Rice Sausage. It is a delicious mix between modernity and the traditional “Kogo” (sausage on a stick coated and deep fried with batter, […]

What Makes A Paper Lunch Box Good?

Let’s not talk much, let’s talk about it! Are you a restaurateur looking for a supplier of paper lunch boxes for your deliveries or takeaway food? But you don’t know anything about it and don’t know how to choose? How to recognize a good lunch box from a bad one? On what criteria should you […]

Why some paper lunch boxes are more expensive?

If you have already started looking for packaging for your food, you may have noticed some price differences. The two paper lunch boxes seem identical to you, but one is more expensive than the other? This is no coincidence and we will decipher this together. Together we will see several characteristic points of packaging and […]

Affordable restaurant promotion ideas to increase your sales

The marketing sector is clearly the backbone of a business across any industry. A business can only start making sales and production if there is demand to the product in the market. Relatively, a demand for a product correlates to the factor that the product is known in the market. The push to increase the […]