How to Improve Brand Through Food Packaging?

How to improve branding through food packaging? Did you know that one-third of consumer decision making is based on food packaging? The adage “a book is judged by its cover” seems true. Indeed, a product is judged by its packaging as well. Your packaging is not insignificant: it is just like your product, the very […]

3 Ways to Make Your Lunch Box Stand Out

Choosing a lunch box for your food is no easy task. Your packaging must above all have a practical aspect. Indeed, it must fulfil its main mission: to transport food safely. But in addition to that, your packaging has a marketing function. It is the ambassador of your brand on the outside. Your restaurant is […]

Affordable restaurant promotion ideas to increase your sales

The marketing sector is clearly the backbone of a business across any industry. A business can only start making sales and production if there is demand to the product in the market. Relatively, a demand for a product correlates to the factor that the product is known in the market. The push to increase the […]