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2 Nov
Custom Paper Packaging: A collaboration with Sushi King

Did you know about our collaboration with Sushi King for their custom-made paper packaging ?  When it comes to famous sushi places in Malaysia, the one place that pops up in fellow Malaysians’ mind would be Sushi King. As the new year arrives, they had taken the step to change their packaging into paper packaging...

santan packaging
24 Sep
Custom Packaging for Santan’s Hotmeal and Snack Box

After our collaboration with Airasia’s Burger Box, we had the chance to work with them once more. Airasia was building a restaurant chain, Santan’ where they serve their popular in-flight meals to customers. We worked in creating custom packaging for Santan.   Company background Named after Malaysia’s beloved ‘coconut milk’, SANTAN is a reflection of...

santan-foodabox-paper lunch box
26 Dec
3 Ways to Make Your Lunch Box Stand Out

Choosing a lunch box for your food is no easy task. Your packaging must above all have a practical aspect. Indeed, it must fulfil its main mission: to transport food safely. But in addition to that, your packaging has a marketing function. It is the ambassador of your brand on the outside. Your restaurant is...

19 Jun
How to Improve Brand Through Food Packaging?

How to improve branding through food packaging? Did you know that one-third of consumer decision making is based on food packaging? The adage “a book is judged by its cover” seems true. Indeed, a product is judged by its packaging as well. Your packaging is not insignificant: it is just like your product, the very...

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