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Malaysia Food Packaging Manufacturer

Foodabox is one of Malaysia’s fastest-growing food packaging manufacturer. We produce an extensive selection of paper packaging for companies generating over RM100 million a year in revenue and publicly-traded companies alike. We pride ourselves on delivering desired results for clients across the leading F&B, airline, and hospitality industry.

Foodabox’s mission is to help businesses maximise success in brand building through sustainable food packaging. We believe in creating an easy and smooth experience for you. Our team will assist you through the whole purchasing process and provide reliable support at every step.

From the regular plain packaging to custom printed paper boxes, paper cups, paper bowls and paper bags, our food packaging experts can design and transform your wildest vision for your brand into a reality. The possibilities are endless.

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Our packaging experts have professional and educational backgrounds to support you to overcome any packaging challenges. 100% of Foodabox’s work is dedicated to maximizing the value of your business while preserving the environment.

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Bringing quality and sustainability to life.

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Innovation at its best.

Our creativity and innovation enable us to provide customized and actionable recommendations for any kinds of packaging needs. We take pride in helping our clients to build a recognised brand through unique packaging that cuts through noise in today’s competitive market.

Our dedication in ensuring our clients receive the best product and service has always been the pillar and conerstone of our success. We absolutely prioritise every single customers’ needs to find the best possible food packaging for their business, because what matters to you matters to us.


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